A Royal Touch for Royal Customers

Craft Studio has privately hosted royal events for the ruling families across the region. Our bespoke and personalized services bring the best and most creative ideas, activities and decoration to cater to these exquisite events.

Our Royal parties in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and across the Emirates have allowed us to push the envelope of creativity and deliver truly fantastic experiences. Our Royal Events team delivers elegant stylish decorations and best professional entertainment and the most elegant decorative touches for Royal celebrations of any size.

Each Royal event is handled directly by one of the Craft Studio partners. We provide an all female staff with Arabic management to ensure seamless coordination and that every detail and requirement are carefully considered. Our extensive experience dealing with the royal family members who demand the best and the most creative unique event experiences allows us to deliver fantastic and memorable events for children and adult events.

Craft Studio offers Royal Birthday Parties, Royal Themed Parties, Royal Ladies Events, Royal Family Day, Royal Seasonal party, and decoration for any Royal event

For Royal Events, please directly contact Ola@craftstudio.ae


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