Grab a digital spray can and let the
photobooth fun begin...three simple steps:


Step 1. Our professional photographer snaps cool photos of you and your friends in different poses. The photos are load up immediately on our 3m x 3m digital screen. You now have a canvas with your own picture to start the creative process !


Step 2. Our creative artist uses digital spray paint cans to virtually draw on your photos or a background and make giant works of art.

If you have what it takes, grab a spray can, add custom props, stencils, backgrounds and draw free hand. For corporate clients, you can have you logo, product or promotional item on screen and watch how people get creative coloring, painting and interacting with your brand.


Step 3. The Photo Art Wall creations are printed instantly as promotional party favors that can be branded. It's the perfect interactive addition to any party, special event or promotion.

Guests receive the photo on the spot, and after the event, the host is also sent the original raw digital photos and the event creations.

We can customize all the digital props in the photobooth to match the theme and branding of your event, any type of background, overlay, or stencil could be integrated to create the scene you would like. Technology, art, creativity and instant photo printing to create an amazing event experience.