Kids Birthday Party themes

Craft Studio offers a wide selection of age-appropriate children’s birthday party themes to choose from for children 1 – 14 years old. Our kids birthday parties in Dubai and Abu Dhabi have been the talk of the town for many years, and it’s all been based on our team’s unique ability to offer our clients a truly unique and personalised birthday party experience.  Craft Studio’s birthday event team has something special for everyone. Our goal as a birthday event organiser is not just to make the children happy, but to ensure that the Moms are very proud in hosting the event.

Our kids birthday party services offer clients in Dubai and Abu Dhabi an A to Z solution based on their needs. This could include perfectly planned birthday entertainment activities, birthday venue decoration, kids birthday cake, catering and beautiful candy tables. We provide our customers a wide range of birthday party rental furniture, both adults seating and table rental and children’s seating and table rental.

We have a wide selection of constantly refined and improved birthday party themes for the kids to choose from. While we can also cater to unique and personalised themes that our clients would like to create themselves for their child’s birthday.  Our talented team of birthday party producers will custom make event backdrops, standing and hanging birthday decoration and set up these parties in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, at your home or at any venue you select.

We also provide various birthday party performers such as face painters, tattoo artists, balloon benders and bubble shows across the UAE.

One key aspect that has been core to Craft Studio’s birthday events is that we ensure that during the birthday event, the kids are fully engaged in either a creative or physical activity that is beneficial for their creative development.  We see birthday parties as an opportunity for kids and their friends to create bonds, and share experiences, not just jump around like sugar loaded headless chicken. So we alway encourage our clients to include creative activities, competitions, and fun edutainment into our birthday events.

Our Birthday Party team leader will help you plan your party every step of the way up to the day of your event and our birthday event team will entertain your guests, serve, and clean up, allowing you to be a guest at your own party!

Craft Studio have a wide variety of birthday party themes suitable for all ages for boys & girls.

Our birthday party themes offered in Dubai and Abu Dhabi include:

Monster Birthday Party
Sailboat Birthday party
Art Attack Birthday Party
Farm Birthday Party
Jungle Birthday Party
Under The Sea Birthday Party
Big Top Circus Birthday Party
Simple & Sweet Birthday Beach Party
Art Party Birthday
High School Musical Birthday Party
McQueen Birthday Party
Crayon Birthday Party
Fashion Show Birthday Party
Sweet Princess Birthday Party
Garden Birthday Party
Candyland Birthday Party
WWE Raw Birthday Party

and lots and lots more of creative and fun birthday themes, you can find the entire list of party themes on our Book Your Event form.


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