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Lets get crafty !

We follow a Look, Learn, Do approach to our workshops, where our little clients first observe how a project is done, they learn a few tricks of the trade and then apply this learning to create their own masterpiece.

Please take a look at our most popular workshops & choose one or many of our inspiring arts & crafts activities for your party.

What “wood” you make?

Craft Studio’s most popular arts & craft activity! Our extensive collection of quality unfinished wood items range from small rolling cars and large ship wheels to animals, birdhouses, jewelry & pencil boxes, frames, instruments and much more…

Crafty ceramic station

Ceramic: including mugs, plates, “piggy” banks, flip flops, flower pots, etc.

Passion for fashion

For the budding Fashion Designer in you! Includes cotton items such as t-shirts, tote bags, hats, purses and our Specialty

Fun with foam

Both syrofoam and foam shapes are available for your party or event, and the children will have a huge selection of creative materials to design with – glue, paint, paper, stickers, ribbon, sparkles, and much more.

Feel the Felt (puppets)

We offer high-quality felt puppets, which are pre-cut and pre-sewn for your little ones to decorate as they wish. Various materials will be on hand to use, such as glue, felt, glitter, buttons, ribbon, and more.

Creative Canvas decorating

Finger painting, Porcupine finger painting, Sponge painting, Stamp painting, Stencil painting, Paint rollers, Foil painting and more.

Yummy for my tummy station

For all the budding chefs out there – kids get to decorate their own chefs hat, then choose to decorate cupcakes, cookies or chocolate boxes for your party or event.

Group activities:

Let’s play dough workshop

We provide all the necessary materials – including non-toxic dough, chopping boards, rolling pins, cutter shapes, etc. – so the children can explore as many designs as they want thru bending, shaping, cutting and mixing!

Cardboard playhouse

Offering a full-size cardboard house for decorating and playing in during your party! Great for a group art activity.

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